Linggo, Enero 29, 2017

Development Blog Post #5 - Great news for HTML5

Take note of the date this was posted.

ClickBEAT Progress = 0.1%


At this point, the HTML5 test is already deleted.


Hello people!


The HTML5 version of the game is now using WebGL to improve the framerate and syncing, and it actually works! Woohoo!

The disappearing "Blob" bug has already been fixed! Altered some mechanics by a bit and it's much more stable.

Sorry for those people who don't have WebGL on their computer. Actually, no, download it wtf were u thinkin

So yeah. Thank you for listening!


Hey! If you want to at least help me, give me feedback!

Recommend something you want in the game, and I'll try to implement it!



Please stay tuned for more updates!
~ Kenichi

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