Linggo, Marso 5, 2017

Development Blog Post #6 - Offbeats

Take note of the date this was posted.

ClickBEAT Progress = 0.1%

Sorry for a month-long delay!

So, as said from the title. The second tutorial for Wrath of the Slaps is finished, which is an offbeat tutorial!

There were lots of coding mishaps, and boy was it a pain to code.

There were some sprite errors here and there, the beat function doesn't work properly and some error codes from the second tutorial affected the first tutorial.

After a lot of mistakes, I managed to make it work.

I still have to improve on the cues and the last tutorial.

I'll release a demo in about this month or early May.

Thanks for listening :)


Hey! If you want to at least help me, give me feedback!

Recommend something you want in the game, and I'll try to implement it!



Please stay tuned for more updates!
~ Kenichi

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