Biyernes, Marso 31, 2017

Pausing Development


I just want to point out that I am not cancelling this project. I just here to tell you that I also have stuff to do other than this game. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope y'all understand me.

For that, I continued to make the test public if anybody's interested!


Linggo, Marso 5, 2017

Changes in the aim

There are some things that have changed in my plans throughout the development of ClickBEAT.

While in school or at home, I made some slight changes in my aim for the game that I introduced in my first blog post, "Introduction".

Here are the changes:


2nd aim:

"Make a standalone and web version of the game:

This game is made using the all new GameMaker: Studio, which features HTML5 exporting. I am aiming to release this to Newgrounds along with a .exe file."

This aim has been changed.

The HTML version will now be a mini version due to Newgrounds's 250 MB limit, while the .exe version is the full version. This gives out a more "In-app purchases" feeling, but technically, it isn't. You just have to download the full version and there you go. No payments.

4th aim:

"Have 8 sets of levels, each with their corresponding mixes.

The game is heavily inspired by Rhythm Heaven (Rhythm Paradise in Europe, Rhythm Tengoku in Japan, Rhythm World in Korea), so the structure of the game is how the game it's inspired from follows. 4 levels in each sets with it's own Level Mix. The game has 8 sets, 6 main ones and 2 bonus sets."

This aim has been changed.

It is now 7 sets and the last one is a doppleganger set, with a special game mix.

Yes, that's right. "Game Mix".

6th aim:

"Have a rating system that's unique.

So as I said, it has a rating system like Parappa The Rapper. However, i'm still going to base the rating system like rhythm heaven, which makes it a little bit bizarre.

In the game, while you are playing a level, there is a rating system that follows your movements.

The rating system while you are playing rates you if you are GoodBad, or Awful.
Each time you miss, the rate gets lower until you reach the very low end of Awfulness, kinda like Parappa the Rapper.

If you manage to finish a level, hold on, we're not done yet.

There's another rating system if you finish the level. The time, it rates you like your test papers. A, B, C, or D.

If you get an A, you will get a gold medal.
If you get a B, you will get a silver medal.
If you get a C, you only finished the level, no medal.
If you get a D, you have to try again.

This aftermath rating system counts how many misses you have earned, keep that in mind.

So yeah, that's the rating system I am aiming for."

This aim has a slight change.

The formula is still what it is, but the "Good, Bad or Awful" formula has changed a bit. When you get to Awful, you just stay awful. There won't be any cuts and you just have to struggle and go back the the Good rating. All you need to do is to stay Good. If you stay Bad or Awful until the end, you lose.


And that's it.


Hey! If you want to at least help me, give me feedback!

Recommend something you want in the game, and I'll try to implement it!



Please stay tuned for more updates!
~ Kenichi

Development Blog Post #6 - Offbeats

Take note of the date this was posted.

ClickBEAT Progress = 0.1%

Sorry for a month-long delay!

So, as said from the title. The second tutorial for Wrath of the Slaps is finished, which is an offbeat tutorial!

There were lots of coding mishaps, and boy was it a pain to code.

There were some sprite errors here and there, the beat function doesn't work properly and some error codes from the second tutorial affected the first tutorial.

After a lot of mistakes, I managed to make it work.

I still have to improve on the cues and the last tutorial.

I'll release a demo in about this month or early May.

Thanks for listening :)


Hey! If you want to at least help me, give me feedback!

Recommend something you want in the game, and I'll try to implement it!



Please stay tuned for more updates!
~ Kenichi