Linggo, Enero 22, 2017

Development Blog Post #3 - HTML5 test soon

Take note of the date this was posted.

ClickBEAT Progress = 0.1%


Welcome to the first blog post of 2017!

Today's an awesome day.

I'll release a little test if the html5 version of the game can pass.

after this, you can give me bug reports or feedback.

Yes, there will be lag on low spec computers.

As of right now, Wrath of the Slaps has the button input working. The slaps are responsive and it only needs a little bit of cleaning.

Thank you for listening!


Hey! If you want to at least help me, give me feedback!

Recommend something you want in the game, and I'll try to implement it!



Please stay tuned for more updates!
~ Kenichi

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